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Cherry Flavored Adult Romance Products
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Mixed Flavored Adult Romance Products
Peach Flavor Adult Romance Products
Tasty Sampler Adult Romance Products
Tropical Fruits Adult Romance Products
Vanilla and Honey Flavored Adult Romance Products
Watermelon Flavored Adult Romance Products
PINK CHAMPAGNE Edible Briefs For Men ~ KI0008
PINK CHAMPAGNE Edible Bikini Panties For Women ~ KI0018
STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE Edible Briefs For Men ~ KI0010

STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE Edible Bikini Panties For Women ~ KI0020
PINA COLADA Edible Briefs ~ KI0006

PINA COLADA Edible Panties ~ KI0016
PINA COLADA X-Rated Edible Bra ~ KI0026
Pink Champagne Kissible Love Dust ~ EL-8075

Pina Colada Kissing Body Elixir ~ BOD09
Strawberry Champagne Making Love Massage Oil ~ NPD1030-4
Fuzzy Navel Love Lickers Warming Massage Oil ~ LG-BT014

Mailbu Screw Love Lickers Warming Massage Oil ~ LG-BT015
Screaming Orgasm Love Lickers Warming Massage Oil ~ LG-BT017
Sex On The Beach Love Lickers Warming Massage Oil ~ LG-BT018

Hot Licks Champagne Flavored Warming Lotion ~ NPD1055-01
Hot Licks Pina Colada Warming Lotion ~ NPD1055-06
Body Heat Edible Pina Colada Warming Lotion ~ PD9550-71

Pina Colada Flavored Emotion Lotion ~ PP231-14
Koala Flavored Lube Strawberry Margarita ~ HLL-K08
Koala Flavored Lube Mojito ~ HLL-K18

Kama Sutra Lime Mojito Stimulating Pleasure Balm ~ KS0261
Margarita Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-03
Mojito Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-04

Chocolate Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-06
Pina Colada Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-02
Screaming Orgasm Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-05

Strawberry Daiquiri Liqueur Flavored Pecker Sucker ~ EL-3184-01

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